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Comics, art and research

‘Communities in Control: Graphic narratives of health inequalities and local action.’ Received funding in 2018 to work with comic artist Joe Decie and Lancaster University lecturer Natasa Lackovic to produce series of illustrations reflecting lay stories of health inequalities

‘What’s your story? Graphic narratives of local residents’ lived experiences of wellbeing and social connectedness.’  Received funding in 2018 to work with artist Len Grant and local community in north west England to produce booklet disseminating findings from research on social isolation.  The project was rolled out in two further communities and won an NHS North West Coast Research and Innovation Award in March 2019

Emma also has published over twenty journal articles and book chapters both as a co-author and lead author related to research into neighbourhood stigma, health inequalities, and the evaluation of public health interventions. Her academic profile is available here