Glimpses of you

from a bus window

an imagined brush of

limbs, makes my soul

jump. Listen for you

in every conversation

and pretend to be

your nearest relation

click on photographs

of each tagged smile

want to trace dots

of summer freckles

loathe anyone with

their arm around you

dream of a pillow dent

on the left-hand side

of the bed. Bring you

tea on Sunday morning

plan the shared places

we’ve not yet been to

thaw your feet and lock

our heart into my skin.

As part of the poetry module on my diploma, we were asked to read Andrew Marvell’s ‘To His Coy Mistress’.  The poem is essentially an address to a potential lover from a male suitor, who is tenacious in his pursuit. In reading critiques of the poem, I was struck by the absence of the female’s perspective, with the analysis often presented from the suitor’s point of view. Yet had the poem’s female character lived in the present day, might she have also tweeted: #MeToo?  This led me to write a poem about unrequited love which can have a dark side, depending on how you experience it.  

First published in Vamp Cat in Feb 2019